Mögnuð ljósmynd og skemmtilegt dæmi um sjálfsritskoðun safna þótt málverkið sjálft sé meira að segja frægt fyrir svipaða þöggun og ljósmyndin.

Iconic Photos

In 2006, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Musée d’Orsay gave carte blanche to five members of the Vu Agency to photograph the museum’s staff in front of their favorite paintings inside museum. It let the staff and the photographers to choose a painting and staging. The British photographer Rip Hopkins and the museum security employee named Cyril collaborated to pose in front of Edouard Manet’s Le dejeuner Sur l’herbe. Cyril’s naked pose was a direct response to that of the young woman in the painting.

When it went to publication, Hopkin’s other photos — including one where an employee appears in Rugby attire before Gustave Courbet’s L’Atelier du peintre — were included but the above photo was conspicuously excluded. Although the museum initially defended the decision by saying it only chose photos that are unique and interesting, when a book on contemporary photography included the photo, the museum protested saying…

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